The Premiere in London Town

As promised but I’ll keep it short…. Just as I was warned by my mate in LA, it was all a little disappointing, the glamour bit I mean. You hang about, you talk to each other because you have no idea who anyone is and they clearly haven’t discovered you, so that bit’s all a bit irksome. There was nice wine though at the pre-party in the St Martin’s Lane Hotel. Lots of buzz and noise and candles and cameras but no substance…..for me.

Then came the fun bit as we walked in the chill January air through the alleyways to Leicester Square. The place was just seething with people and with noise; I’ve never seen anything like it. All the trees in the square were lit up from below by white lights that swirled around making the trees look as if they were dancing in frost. The noise was extraordinary. We had to walk round the far side of the square to have our tickets checked and then up the red carpet. Now that was good fun; I can’t pretend three hundred (more? yes, much more) flashbulbs going off in my general direction is an every day occurance. It was even more extraordinary that everyone was screaming my name!

Kate and Leo both made short speeches before hand and then they rolled the film (perhaps people don’t ‘roll’ film anymore). The film was truly great. I enjoyed it so much more this time round mainly, I think, because I wasn’t nervously waiting to see whether criminal damage had been done to Yates’s work. I knew it hadn’t. It’s different, in places very different, but it’s good and Kate Winslet is really fantastic.

So there you are. That was it. Off to a bar with my husband to hear his views and they were all good. He was waxing lyrical about Sam Mendes for hours…..oh and one other thing, Yates’s name is in the credits. A friend had thought it wasn’t. It’s there!


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