Happy New Yates Year

Just so that you don’t all think I’ve gone to sleep or broken my right arm skiing, I thought I should write a short post and let you know what’s going on around here. It’s been hectic….skiing was fun but cold and frankly I’m a rubbish skier.

At the moment I am working on something with Monica and Sharon Yates – more next week about this – so that’s exciting. I can’t really publicise it yet.

I have been reading a lot about Hollywood and politics in order to substantiate a hunch that I have. It’s been so interesting to read about the Production Code and the way Hollywood developed over the twenty years between the first talkie and the late fifties. It’s interesting that Yates chooses not to focus on the Semitic, or anti-Semitic, colouring of Hollywood when he writes about it – ‘Saying Goodbye to Sally’, ‘A Really Good Jazz Piano’ and Disturbing the Peace being the texts I’m thinking of – but focuses instead on the race issue in another form ie black and white not Christian and Jew. The upshot of this is the faint (well actually it’s more than faint) suggestion that Hollywood was built using corrupt money from slavery. This is obviously not the case and it puzzled me for a while. The racism he filters into these tales suggests moral degredation and perhaps that’s all he wanted to do without touching on the Jewish dominance of Hollywood and all the wrangling that that gave rise to. Too thorny an issue perhaps? Also it occurs to me that the big political debate when he was writing was predominantly Civil Rights so that’s why he weaves it in.

Any thoughts on this?

Happy New Year to all readers and let’s hope book sales now rocket even if car sales plummet.


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