The end of the beginning


I breezed through the H’s door after a walk about to the Lincoln Centre via Central Park picking up a latte on the way from my ‘local’ Starbucks on the corner of 95th street. Apart from fresh air (well, freezing NY air is fresh in a way), my purpose was to go and sort out a donor Guild Membership to the Metropolitan Opera for V and C as a thank you to them both. Sadly, perhaps because it was a Saturday, I couldn’t do it and had a long chat with J (husband) who is going to attempt the transaction by phone or email on Monday. I had a brief chat with F (smallest son) too which was a delight – just hearing his voice was magical and there is something so incongruous and absurd about walking down the side of Central Park, all ambulances and police and trucks honking, while connected to the kitchen in East Anglia.


It was bitterly cold so it was then back to 96th and Gourmet Garage to get some things for the evening, including a Key Lime Pie for the H’s supper party and some soup for by then I was starving.


The three H ‘kids’ were fully engaged in A’s attempt to make a film for some competition: they had 48 hours and some very specific rules to obey. Hilariously and weirdly they were using the theme of the Jewish custom to circumcise. Would I help them out by being the mother who has forgotten to circumcise her now fifteen yr-old son, played by O? We had a hilarious time improvising and attempting to make sense of what was frankly an absurd idea; I surprised them by being able to throw myself into the role of a ridiculous mother who, overhearing her son peeing, remembers to ask him whether or not he is circumcised. We were all hysterical with laughter including C who was working in the next door room. (Rumour has it that this film has been short-listed….OMG) More filming was done around the table.



The boys slept in until midday and then I took E shopping in central Manhattan. We found a very smart black coat and he was so thrilled. We also got some new jeans. There wasn’t then time for us to get to the MoMa (where there was a Van Gogh exhibition which I’d like to have seen and I also wanted to see the Hoppers) before I had to be back at the H’s to pick up a cab and get to the airport, so E and I had a Croque Monsieur by the Bryant Park Ice Rink. It was fantastic – a lovely last chat all smiles and warmth. We had a such a big hug and then parted. My final image of him was his big grin…..

Back to the horror of airports and the slow check in and then, a few hours later, the joy of being home.


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